We provide consulting services to family businesses that want to build, grow and sustain a thriving family business generation after generation. Our consulting services includes areas like: Family Business Strategy, Family Business Governance, Family Business Succession Planning, Family Business Conflict Resolution and Family Business Wealth Management Strategies.

We assist family business in developing Family Business Constitutions, Shareholder Agreements and Governance Mechanisms and developing Family Business Vision. We bring our expertise for developing a sustainable Family Business Strategy and handhold the family business in executing the same.

As a part of governance mechanism, we jointly develop the action plan for the family businesses to professionalise their business; that will free up owners time from active business management and guide the owners to focus their energies on developing and addressing strategic issues, which needs working from different orbit.

With our interventions the family business can set up family business advisory boards, family business councils and over a period of time work on developing a professional board of directors that will help the family business institute better business governance.

If you are looking to unlock your business value by listing or selling your family business, we can orient you through the process and help you create a desirable organisation structure and develop right management systems for making the family business an attractive proposition for the investor community.

At whichever business stage your family business is in its development, we create a customized plan to ensure the lasting success of your family business.