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Why Elephants?


Elephant is one of the strongest animals on the planet, yet it always moves in a herd. The strength of the elephant multiplies with its herd. Similarly, in Family Business the strength of the Family Business multiplies when the owners move as a group to achieve their shared vision. It is a female elephant that leads the herd and keeps the herd together. Similarly, the female folks of the business-owning family have a pivotal role in keeping the family together. They are the glue that should hold the family and the family business together.

Why the grey shaded Honeycomb pattern?


The honeycomb pattern in the logo represents the importance of networking in the business, while the shades of black, grey, and white depict that there are many grey areas in the business that may not be transparently shared with all. The family members need to be conscious of this fact and work together. A family business is a discovery-driven journey, and it evolves as it grows. As the business matures it needs to put a governance mechanism in place, which helps family members to understand the evolution, at the same time commit to the future success of the family and the family business.


Family Mentor

About us

Sandesh Vasant Mestry is a pioneer in India in the field of family business consulting. Since year 2000, he is working with business families having diverse businesses in charting their way through every imaginable family business issue. With mission “To help Family Business reach its potential”, he works only with family-owned companies.

His own experiences of working in his own family business, helps him get the complete perspective of the pains and gains of being in a family business. His practical experience with clients, coupled with the theoretical frameworks and cultural background; he has developed his unique working style.

He has guided families dealing with virtually every kind of challenges like:

  • Strategy planning and execution
  • Managing Growth
  • Building Governance & Professionalise
  • Mentoring business owners to stay relevant in the future
  • Succession Planning
  • Wealth Management Strategies
  • Deciding on Exit Strategies

The objective is to create a better family and business interface. He has had a profound and positive impact on his clients. Trust is the foundation of his relationship. He is respected for his ability to share neutral and unbiased view and feedback on Client’s business and his handholding support for executing strategies.

Graduated in Commerce from Mumbai University in 1989 he is an alumnus of SPJIMR, Mumbai; IIM, Ahmedabad and ISB, Hyderabad. He was associated with CIIE – an initiative of IIM Ahmedabad as a mentor .In the year 2010, he has co-authored and published a business novel for entrepreneurs called “GO FLY HIGH – Success Ideas for Growing Businesses”. He is based at Thane near Mumbai – India

Mr. Sandesh Mestry is a Family Mentor – Family Business Mentor in India since 20 years.


The Process: Interventions are designed to provide active coaching and personalized guidance to a select group of family business owners who are highly committed to the future of their family business and are desirous to create wealth for their family. There are Four Phases of Family Consulting:

There are Four Phases of Family Consulting:

Education Phase​

  • Family Business Orientation and Self-Awareness
  • Why Family business needs different treatment?
  • Keys to Success in Family Business
  • Using Family Genogram to understand self and others
  • Importance of Governance Structure in Family Business
  • Role of the Family Constitution
  • Need for effective communication in Family Business
  • Deciding the boundaries to follow?
  • Best Practices for Family Business
  • Strategies for unlocking wealth

Planning Phase

  • Understanding Self
  • Self-Awareness and choices – Devising an action plan
  • How to Groom Successors?
  • Need to Professionalise? What does it mean for me and my family organization?
  • Learning to operate from a new paradigm
  • Refining Listening Skills
  • Learn to Give and Receive Feedback
  • Create Your Fantasy of the Future
  • What is our business strategy? Developing a plan

Implementation Phase

  • Action Plan to realize goals and set processes for systematically managing the business
  • Develop tactical implementation interventions for achieving the strategic goals
  • Defining group and individual responsibilities
  • Define the decision-making processes
  • Work out critical positions and man those positions with right skill employees
  • Developing critical business numbers to monitor growth and MIS to capture it though routine reporting
  • Conducting periodic reviews to monitor progress.
  • Placing the governing mechanism at the Board level as well as at an operational level
  • Developing Family and Business interface

Mentoring Phase

  • Moving through the Action Plan by ongoing mentoring of family members involved in the business as well as Non-Family professionals.
  • Conducting periodic structured reviews for building better business governance and managing business performance.

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