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Family Constitution

A family business needs to have ground rules for managing the family and business interface better. Such  drafted and documented rules are commonly referred to as a Family Constitution. (Family Consultant)

Family Business Strategy

Strategy is the heart of business success, more so for the family business as it involves not only business strategy, but also needs to deal with the ever-evolving ownership and family challenges.

Succession Planning

An important factor for the survival and continuation of a family business is a well-thought-out succession plan. The fact remains, those who are running a family business today will not be able to continue in their role forever.

Family Wealth Management

There are many issues involved in effective wealth management strategies, like Preparing for eventual business succession.Estate planning through various investment strategies.Ring-fencing of family investments from the risk of business cycles                              

Family Council

One of the best mechanisms for ensure that a family business is professionally ruins to establish and implement Family Business Governance Structure. Create the roles and incorporate it in the Family Business Structure to establish rules and create boundaries.

Family Business Advisory Board

Family Advisor – Family Business Advisory Board consists of individuals who are not affiliated with the family business, but who have extensive business experience. Utilizing an Advisory Board can be invaluable for a family business

ABOUT US - Family Business Consultant

Sandesh Vasant Mestry is a pioneer in India in the field of family business consulting. Since year 2000, he is working with business families having diverse businesses in charting their way through every imaginable family business issue.With mission “To help Family Business reach its potential”, he works only with family-owned companies.

Family Business Mentor
Family Advisor


Elephant is one of the strongest animals on the planet, yet it always moves in a herd. The strength of the elephant multiplies with its herd. Similarly, in Family Business the strength of the Family Business multiplies when the owners move as a group to achieve their shared vision.

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Indepth understanding of challenges faced by Family Businesses.
Detail personal interaction with the family members to gain insights
Ability to
customised solutions
Active support
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of activities

Why Family business needs Mentoring?

Family Business Consultant

Family business is a discovery driven process. Retaining and developing family members to maximize their potential, within or possibly outside of the family business, is fundamental to its smooth running. Improving each member’s long-term contribution ensures the ultimate success of both the individuals and the business.

Family businesses involve family members play multiple roles. At every level of growth, the owner group encounters a new situation – be it scaling up or grooming the next generation or delegating and creating a process driven business or letting go. Across levels –  the multi-generational family members, as well as the non-family executives needs mentoring in areas like:

  • Family business issues
  • Creating shared vision and business goals
  • Managing non-family senior staff
  • Inducting younger family members within the business
  • Developing a long-term strategic plan
  • Developing generational succession plans
  • Improving board performance
  • Identifying and addressing specific performance blocks
  • Facilitating family constitution and family councils
  • Cross generational friction reduction
  • Exit plans from the business
  • Going public to become a Limited Company
Family Business Consultants

Family businesses create their own unique dynamics of balancing business with interpersonal family relationships. A business mentor with experience can guide owners and employees in a family business to develop and achieve their goals while maintaining positive relationships.

One of the most important aspects of the mentoring is the ability to speak to your mentor in complete confidence. Whatever your business or interpersonal issues, you can discuss it freely with your mentor with the knowledge it will go no further, which can be a great help when you’re running a family business. An experienced mentor can foresee problems and challenges you may not be able to see. This helps the family business to learn from the mentor’s successes and mistakes.

 Business planning is a pressing need, which gets ignored as it is not urgent. When it is hard enough to deal with the present, thinking for future takes a back seat. However, business development and expansion is primary function of any manager and depends on good planning. A mentor can help your family business grow into the future by helping you plan, reviewing measurable effects, and help you to adapt to changing circumstances.



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